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My story and inspiration for Whitby Yard

Welcome to Whitby Yard!

I’m Jacquie and was born in Wimbledon, London, starting my career working in an animation company before moving on to an interior design house in the prestigious Chelsea Harbour and more recently I’ve worked as a senior manager for a Blue-Chip UK company.  I’ve always had a passion for creativity and studied at Salford University in interior design. Having relocated to the county of Yorkshire to live I soon discovered the Whitby coast and spent many weekends there and loved it so much decided to buy a holiday home in the town.

My inspiration for the Whitby Yard brand came about after a lazy holiday in New England in 2018, I wanted to capture the essence of Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard and evoke the thought of long Summer days, taking in the salty air and watching the yachts with their breezy sails cruising on the waves.

The sight of a whale off our Whitby coast is iconic, representing a grace and power to leave all in awe at the magic of these majestic mammals, this was the inspiration of the whale tail on my logo. I’m proud of my association with Whitby, its long sandy beaches and timeless nautical heritage.  It is ancient seafarers who first created Whitby’s yards, enjoy meandering around these today and feel their spirit seep from the cobbles. 

With this inspiration in mind and a desire to set up my own business in 2019 I launched Whitby Yard, a clothing range that is produced exclusively from organic Indian cotton and is Earth Positive;  made in manufacturing facilities powered by green renewable energy, from low impact raw materials. We are pleased to announce that our shop at 107 Church Street Whitby is now open. Our range is also available here online.

I hope you enjoy wearing ‘Whitby Yard’ clothes as much as I have creating them.

Wall of Love

“The T-shirt arrived today, absolutely fabulous, really pleased with it, and delivered within 24 hours of ordering, wow.”

“Received today and it is excellent”

“What a beautiful T Shirt. My husband is beyond delighted.”



 A big thank you to several people for helping launch this brand

Russel who until recently owned Rusty Shears

Katie Ventress an amazing blacksmith

Ceri Parkin a talented photographer for many of the photos in this website

....and a big thank you to Jessica Hogarth for her support

Whitby Yard® is a registered trademark - UK 03434874