January Newsletter - Coastal Walks from Whitby Yard

Happy New Year from Whitby Yard and hello to our first Newsletter.
Whitby Yard was launched in November 2019 and I want to thank everyone who has purchased our coastal clothing or Tote bags, thank you also for your wonderful comments about our clothing range. I was thrilled to see a customer wearing our Whale Tail hoodie at York Station in December, it was such a satisfying feeling, please keep sending your photos to Whitby Yard, we love to see you wearing them!
In January, we all make New Year’s resolutions, one of mine is to explore more of our beautiful Yorkshire Coast, walking is great for your wellbeing, mental health and keeping fit.  I thought I would share my favourite walks.
Whitby Yard Tshirts accompany the best coastal walks, with Whitby Yard Hoodies if it turns a bit chilly.   
Whitby to Sandsend
Distance 2.9 miles approximately 1 hr
This is a wonderful walk at low tide, you can walk along the beach, take your shoes off and feel the sand between your toes! (Check the tide times by downloading the App).  Directions are simple:  Walk along the beach until you reach Sandsend!  At high tide you can follow the Cleveland way, join it at the Pavilion.
Before you start your walk explore the Whitby harbour lighthouse (on the west pier) where you can climb up a spiral staircase to enjoy beautiful panoramic views.
During your walk note the picturesque colourful beach huts, surfers and paddle boarders enjoying the North Sea waves. (whitbysurf.co.uk).
Beach Huts in Whitby during storm
Sandsend was originally two villages, Sandsend and East Row, either side of a hill, which grew together when cottages were built for workers in the nearby quarries. 
When you arrive at Sandsend stop for a well- deserved cup of coffee and slice of cake at one of the many coffee shops, or a spot of lunch at my particular favourite restaurant, Bridge Cottage Bistro, they do great food but you will need to book for an evening reservation. They also do great cakes and coffee. We have great memories of Bridge Cottage as that’s where my husband and I had our wedding reception back in July. (www.bridgecottagebistro.com).  If you don’t fancy walking back, catch the bus opposite The Hart Inn PH.
Sandsend to Runswick Bay
Duration 5.6 miles approximately 2 hrs
This walk is so pretty and the views are beautiful, this is lovely any time of the year but particularly   Spring.  Whenever I think of Spring I’m immediately transported back to the beautiful scenery on this walk, truly breath taking. The latter part of the walk is along the beach – once again check the tides, as the diversion route is dispiritingly long!
Start your walk from Sandsend car park by Wits End Café.  (www.witsendcafe.co.uk) and follow the signed Cleveland Way.  The cliffs on the walk are grassy and in Summer are brightened by the yellow of gorse bushes and the bare, lunar appearance of the headland draws the eye because of the contrast.
You initially follow the old railway track amongst the discarded waste and quarries from alum works, it is much more interesting than it sounds.  At the mouth of a [blocked-off] tunnel you climb onto the headland.  Most of the remainder of the walk is at high-level, until a steep descent into Runswick bay by ‘Hob Holes’ the remainder of the walk is along the beach. 
The Bay is 1.2 miles long and like other parts of the Yorkshire Coast, the area suffers from a high degree of coastal erosion which has made it a popular location for fossil hunting.
The village of Runswick Bay is enchanting with lots of paths amongst cute cottages.  There are a number of places for lunch, with the Royal Hotel providing a refreshing ‘pit stop’, with a garden giving views over the bay. 
View From Royal Hotel in Runswick Bay
You will need all your strength to climb the steep hill out of Runswick Bay either to continue along the Cleveland way to Staithes, or return to Whitby on the bus.